Trash Heap of Hits

by Junkyard Jesse

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Debut EP from Junkyard Jesse.


released July 15, 2014

Philthy Phil, Dick Nitrous



all rights reserved


Junkyard Jesse Anchorage, Alaska

Junkyard Jesse is a veteran punker with an acoustic guitar singing songs about boozin', losin', fast cars and broken hearts. An Alaskan barroom bard, Junkyard Jesse pens lyrics that go straight to the heart (or maybe the pants).

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Track Name: Cocaine
Cocaine gets me through the morning
Cocaine gets me through the night
Cocaine hits me like a freight train
Cocaine makes me feel alright

A couple lines to get me up and out of bed
A little sugar with my coffee or my tea
A little bump to stop the pounding in my head
I'll blow a hundred yeah 'cause nothin' comes for free

Sore throat and vacant wallet the next morning
Feel like shit 'cause I didn't get no sleep
What will I do when my pockets are all empty?
In the alley smokin' crack rocks is probably where I'll be
Track Name: Awake
World is dead but I'm awake
Three A.M. can't get no sleep
Drag the pen around the page
Nothing seems to take a shape

Cast my mind back on the day
A million thoughts I'd tucked away
A meter nothing seems to fit
No poison left inside my pen

Head is empty no more words
Nothing left I need to say
Nothing left to be erased

I don't know just what to do
I can't seem to find a way
To squeeze more blood out on the page

Watch the shadows cross the wall
Watch the moonlight's rise and fall
The streetlight flickers off and on
World is dead but I'm awake

What I'd give to close my eyes
Brain won't let me set aside
Melody without a verse

So I'll struggle with the page
A few more hours til the day
I'll conjure up this one last line
Track Name: Three Fingers and a Thumb
Johnny was a millwright, lost three fingers and a thumb
Never quit a minute early until the job was done
Til one day he got a pink slip after a graveyard shift
So he socked the foreman in the mouth with the remainder of his fist
I was comin' on for changeout when I heard the sirens wail
It took four cops to throw ol' Johnny in the county jail

Well Johnny told me sometimes
You ain't got nothin' to lose
and he'd rather go down swingin'
than playing by the rules

Miss Suzie came up short when all the bills came due
So she went on down to 4th where she could turn a trick or two
I asked her, "hey Miss Suzie, why you walk the streets at night?"
She said, "boy you know I'm doin' what I need to get on by
You also sell your body when you go to work each day.
You see, everyone's a whore in their own kinda way."

Miss Suzie told me sometimes
You ain't got nothin' to lose
And she'd rather go down whorin'
Than playin' by the rules

So recall these words I say before you lecture and accuse
You might be talkin' down to someone who's got nothing to lose.
Track Name: Without a Net
Walk the rope without a net
No second chance to hedge our bet
Aloof to the reality of a strain we can't undo
Turn the TV on
Shut your mind and now you're gone
Uncritical of anything that confirms your point of view

Satisfied by mental sedation
Watch the last train leave the station
With a shrug & laugh

Condemned to run this rut
The door is drawing shut
Push it off until tomorrow to face the problems we made

Burn the candle at both ends
No desire to make amends
On the wane our self-destruction is something celebrated

On a crash course with disaster
Surfiet has become your master
But the excess can't sustain

Faces to the sky
Kiss the world goodbye
She doesn't have a mechanism to settle our account
Watch the sun set one last time
Convinced that all is fine
Oblivious to the path we took to reach the end we've found
Track Name: Queen of Spenard
Well she shakes her ass down where the pipeline of cash spills dollars out on the stage
When I came around you know that's where I found her at a little place called P.J.'s
She came up in '08 man, lookin' for work and tryin' to find a place to crash
Now she's dealing blow out of the back of the show and livin' down on 10th ave

She's an angel on Bus #7
A ballerina with a switchblade scar
Man you know she ain't no uptown girl
She's the queen, queen of Spenard

I met her 'round 4, I was just lookin' to score some dope and be on my way
But the warmth of her smile made me linger a while and her humor made me stay
She was a Belfast bomb with ginger curls, man, she had me enticed
She was 32 and I was ten years her junior but I had to roll the dice

We hung out the night through and I could tell that she knew exactly what I was thinkin'
When I said there ain't no love at the bottom of the jug of Monarch that you've been drinkin'
She told me baby, I don't need no savin' 'cause I'm doing fine on my own
So I walked away with my heart in my hands and my last dollar up my nose.